Our candles express emotions and we make sure our whole company makes this happen.

Our story begins in 2011, when we gathered a few of our friends, which all worked as industrial designers and architects, and decided to create a platform of home décor products inspired by modern art called YouartMe in Europe.


A bunch of us just loved to handle wax and candle sculptures so a few months later Candellana project was created within YouartMe. The European market back then was flooded with many great brands and concepts but none had a unique minimalistic oriented design approach- our strength in the design industry.


After 3 years of intensive research and development, with the help of amazing collaborators and technology, we launched our first candle in 2015! Through introduction of 3D printing technolog y it was finally feasible to bring details to our candles and they were finally leaving the drawing board!


Today we have a vast variety of candles in many different categories and we are fortunate to sell them through very different countries which includes France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Canada and USA.