Symbolism and Candles - Enjoy it

In many beliefs, candles had a huge symbolic role in each culture. In Christianity for example, candles are lit in times of death, they signify the light in the next world, and they represent Christ as the light. In Judaism, Candlelight is often thought of as a reminder of God's divine presence, and candles lit during Jewish holidays and on Shabbat serve as reminders that the occasion is holy and distinct from our day-to-day life. In Buddhist rituals, candles are placed in front of Buddhist shrines or statues and images of the Buddha as a mark of respect. They are often accompanied by offerings of food and drink. The light of the burning candle flame represents the light of the Buddha's teachings.

We can see nowadays that candles have evolved into a much larger spectrum of uses rather than the simple function of bringing light to a room or a symbolic attribute in a religious gathering.

They come in different colors, materials, shapes, scents and sizes and we can find everything in the marketplace. When Candellana created its first candle, the goal was to make sure that the object itself could transmit feelings and sentiments, something the studio noticed has been lacking to the consumer.

The studio approach is to make sure that each piece is the most realistic possible, resembling every detail the object that inspired the making of one candle. This would embody an amazing gift and a beautiful home décor center piece, and also raise standards of minimalism in an industry that has evolved more in the direction of scents, packaging and alternative materials.

Here are three great examples:

Middle Finger Hand Candle

What better way to learn about details by simply looking at our hands gestures. Our hand is composed by 29 bones, 34 muscles and 48 nerves and it served as one of the first inspirations to Candellana to move forward at the minimalistic adventures in candle making. The studio currently has 6 different real-size hand shaped candles that express the most famous hand gestures seem before and is the perfect example of a detailed oriented designed candle.

Skull Candle

This piece highlights the details Candellana always emphasizes in its pieces. Another best seller in Europe, the skull shaped candle goes well in any type of home décor and is also the center of conversation every time guests come over for a good coffee or beer. Did we mentioned it is real sized?

Bulldog Poly Candle

Although not as minimalistic as it could be, Candellana currently has 4 models for Animals and Pets in poly form, which also includes the cat, the bunny and the giant rabbit. One of its best sellers, this model is loved by all of those who have dogs as our best friends at home and want something to share with our furry best friends at home.

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