Wall candle holders - How to use it?

It is obvious that wall candle holders can create a magical atmosphere in our houses. Therefore, many people try to design some perfect places for this decor at their homes. There are many suggestions for this topic in great websites and apps including pinterest.com and houzz.com.

We can use those ideas and incorporate them using some of our amazing geometrical shaped candles to showcase a bolder and more modern approach with this at home.


Here are some other ideas on how to incorporate different materials when it comes to wall candle holder add-ons.

  • Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for this type of project. It increases the level of lighting and gives an extra coziness feeling once they are placed on wall candle holders- thanks to the power of glass. You can make lots of interesting candle centerpieces using them on side tables and shelves.

Mason Jar Wall Candle

Another way of using them is placing them upside down with details around the jar. Voila- you now have beautiful candle lanterns around the house.

  • Concrete Base
Although concrete may seem like a material difficult to work with, you can use it to make all sorts of cute projects. The texture and color of concrete provides great contrast with modern candles, so you will have a balanced look once they are placed on the wall.
And because concrete is not exactly a delicate material, this gives you the chance to make wall candle holders with a rougher design if you want them to look more organic. The lines and shapes don’t have to be perfect. In fact, any discrepancies will only make the piece look unique.
  • Wood Base
If you prefer a material with a warm feeling and of a different texture, try to use wood. Although theoretically wood can easily burn and it’s a not great idea to put close to fire, it can also look very elegant and fine-looking in a décor.
Take advantage of what nature has to provide and find yourself a striking log. It should have an exciting shape. Clean it, sand it down and then drill some holes in it for the candles before placing them on the wall.
Regardless of the material you chose, make sure to find a great unique candle that can provide a striking color to contrast with your wall.

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