How to use candles for decoration?

Candles are much unappreciated when it comes to home decor. But if you get the right ones, they can work wonders by either creating a romantic environment or establishing a relaxing atmosphere. No matter where or how you decide to use candles, they’ll create a warmer, more welcoming setting not only for yourself but for guests too!


 Gather them, use a variation of heights, explore new scents, use unscented with different light tones or best, place unique stylish pylon shapes as the master centerpiece: let’s look at some amazing ways to decorate with candles in your home!

  • Kitchen

Mix and Match around the kitchen to create a lovely romantic dinner by using shapes with light colors to match. Find the perfect fit whether your kitchen is modern or vintage. Place them as center pieces on your dinner table and light them during special occasions so it can also be one of the topics of the night.

  • Bathroom

Place regular white candles clustered in the corner and add a different exquisite shape among them to stand out. Bright colors are excellent to add more style to a monochromatic bathroom, or use contrast color against the walls! These would increase the personality of the bathroom and help provide a great relaxing time during your bathtub with a candle burning near the action.

  • Bedroom

The ultimate romantic and sexy touch, candles are the best in bedrooms. Light them on a side table, windowsill, or beautiful sconces to create a warm, nightly glow. Use red or pink colored novelty candles among white ones. They add a bit of whimsy and old-age appeal to even the most contemporary and modern rooms.

  • Outdoors

Generate light, keep away flying insects and do something creative! Use your imaginative ability to do something fun on your outdoor tables and decorate with candles that reminds the perfect weather. You can add up low dimmed lanterns to provide a more exclusive feeling.

And remember, invite your guests inside to enjoy your candled rooms. A unique novelty shaped candle often reflects personal preferences of the house host. Whether a Dog Shaped Candle for Pet lovers or a Faberge Egg Candle for artistic enthusiasts, a warm glow and a unique candle centerpiece is the best way to start a great conversation showing your friends your personal interests!

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