How do we make our candles

Our mission to make candles start with a simple rule: Bring emotions to life through our creations. Based on this simple philosophy, we gather our team of artists, collaborators and artisans and brain storm for a few days to come up with the best ideas to bring to life.

After long conversations with strong coffee (sometimes heated debates), we select a few objects that are either challenging or concerns something about the moment. By the approval of the majority, doodling phase starts!


Each object can have a different approach when it comes to molding drawings, so we value everyone’s perspective. A cat can be drawn in many different positions and can be portraited in a great variety of styles. How do we decide which one goes to product? Based on the mother of all rules: It has to bring emotion to the eyes of the beholder.

Once drawings are decided, we go to pre-production, which is basically transforming those sketches into 3D models. I must say, this process is extremely slow but utmost important so we can achieve the best details in candle making. We use top notch 3D Software tools and follow the exact instructions from our candle makers (technology meets craftsmanship- uber cool!!!)- in the end a balance between design and candle making laws of physics must be met!


By this time, the 3D model rendering has been finished and the now it is time to print! Again, technology comes to our aid and we use a cool Zortrax 3D Printer to make those models come to life and the cherry on top is the the finishing layers: high gloss, polished, matt or plain raw!

When the model is done, it is judgement day. We bring them up to our panel of artists to decide which ones make the and which ones go back to the drawing board. For the lucky ones that get approved, we commence developing their moulding shape. In this step, precision is crucial for two reasons: details have to be visible and the mould has to be made so that when it is opened, the candle does not have any marks and scratches.

So moulds are finally ready. We start to make the candles itself in small batches so we can have an efficient Quality Control. We test them extensively and attributes such as Burning Quality, Wick Composition and Detailing is double checked. If approved, the candle finally goes to larger production.

Let’s keep in mind once again that when we say production, we don’t mean automation! All candles are handcrafted one by one and we have great candlemakers in our studio with excellent skills and experience that can create flawless and perfect candles! Just the idea of removing the fragile candle body from the mould is insanely difficult, so one must be talented and detail-oriented to do so.


After we QC (Quality Control) everything, we send out the perfect batches to the painting area, where we use only non-toxic harmless paint. With the help of our awesome Austrian friends at Kaiser, we have excellent vibrant and intense colors in all our candles!


Finishing this off, its packaging and shipping time to the four corners of the world!

Although our selection process can be very relative and subjective- who can quantify object emotions??- in the end, we realize that this is actually the fun part of our job! We give wings to new ideas and freedom to creativity! No Scorecard Point System or pre determined quantitative attributes; just plain and simple emotion.

If you have ideas or suggestions of new candles, don’t be shy and give us a shout! is the way to go! We love hearing from you!


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