Candellana- International Candles From a little European Studio

skull candle silver color candellana
Minimalistic Skull Candle- handmade in Europe by Candellana


Candellana candles was established in 2011 when a bunch of designers and architects gathered to create a platform for household décor products which were inspired by the modern day European art. These crazy designers just loved to handle wax and wax sculptures, so candellena candles was formed. Back then, the concept of designs was different. People would like the concept of more and big things.

candellana skull cat candles white
A new batch of Skull Candles ready to be painted- Torun, Poland

The idea of minimalistic approach was none in the market. Hence, this gave Candellana candles a unique selling edge. But it wasn’t that easy for them. The group did a lot of research before they launched their first candle in 2015. 3D is a new thing but 3D in candles was a concept never heard before.

Today, Candellana candles has a variety of 3D candles which are being sold in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and other European countries. When we hear the word candles, the most traditional straight white candles come in our mind. But when we talk about Candellana candles, they not only make their own unique style candles but they also consider the ideas and suggestions from their customers. These candles are built from a concept and that too in house. Candellana candles make their candles in Poland.

product line candle factory poland
Candle Factory Production Line in Poland


Why Poland? Poland is the largest producer of candles in the world producing 2/3rd of the world candles employing 100,000 to 150,000 people. Not just production, Poland is also one of the biggest seller of these candles in European countries.

Candellana candles uses one of the best raw materials for their candles which they import from USA and Germany. The company uses chemical free and non-toxic raw materials which is another unique feature making it different from the conventional candle producers. Not to forget the fact that these candles are handmade. Yes from pouring to painting, it is all handmade.


You can buy Candellana candles on their official website and even on Amazon. That is not all, the company is selling their candles through various retail channels as well. By using retail channels, it becomes easier to have access to the whole country. These retailers are selling Candellana candles online as well as in stores. Although the concept introduced by Candellana candles is very different (high focus on details and produced in Europe) even than they have competitors such as Pyropet candles ( Simple Design and made in China).

person working candle factory
Candles are Handmade one by one in Candellana's own Facility

What makes Candellana stand out from the market? Their unique design strategy definitely makes them stand out from the crowd. Consumers these days are more focused on a customized personal product. Brands who take suggestions from their consumers or provide options for customized products are more hit. The choice of raw materials is also what really matters.

The consumer of today is more educated and well versed in terms of what is harmful and what’s not. The raw materials used by the company are not toxic. This means these candles can do no harm to you. Candles are used for burning and spreading light. At the same time, people us them carefully to avoid any hazards. If you know your candles are toxic free and contain quality ingredients, you can enjoy your dinner with kids and take no stress.

candellana candles white
A fresh batch of minimalistic candles in Candellana's Warehouse

Handmade products have always attracted the attention of consumers. As these candles are handmade, this gives us another reason to buy them for sure. With all these unique selling points, the brand has a lot of potential to grow within the USA and globally as well. The candles are manufactured in Poland which is the best producer of candles. We see most of the products are made in china which gives the end user a doubt regarding the quality of the product and the life expectancy as well.


When a product is made in a country which has specialized in it, it increases the demand as well as the confidence of the buyers. To create brand awareness and connect with customers, the company represents them in trade shows around UK and USA. One of such tradeshows is the Spring Fair. Tradeshows are open to public at large and you get a chance to meet audience from all walks of life. This gives a chance to present your product and educate your customers regarding the brand philosophy and channels for buying.

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