Why should we travel?

Have you ever been in foreign country for the first time feeling like you are taking over the whole world? Traveling is something we may see as a simple thing at first, but after taking a deeper glimpse, it is an activity with many benefits and positive influence for those who seek it.

Friends enjoying Thailand

In this post we have wanted to list some of the most beneficial sides of seeing the wonders of the world on your own.

Learn about history and cultures

Depending on where you are traveling visiting new places will usually teach you a lot about the local culture and history behind all the monuments and sights you are seeing. There is just some places everyone must see at least once in their life time. Eiffel Tower and Big Ben are just two basic examples of this kind of tourist attractions.

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Find the more accepting side of yourself.

Traveling means meeting people from all over the world and to co-exist with them one must learn how to get along with all kinds of people. You will make new friends from countries and cultures that seemed scary or awful for you at first, but ends up within a step by step process so you become this better version of yourself who cheers for the world balance and equality amongst everyone by understanding simple differences. May sound corny but it’s the truth.

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Realize that you can survive anything.

If you are truly traveling and not just sitting in the tourist bus, every day will be a new adventure. After getting lost in a foreign country, finding that small hotel from a suspicious back alley and communicating with someone without having mutual language you build resilience, which means: there is nothing you couldn’t endure anymore.

Canadian traveler looking at the beach

Travelers are cool and you can be too.

Trendy or not, who wouldn’t like to be a world explorer? Maybe you have been secretly following that beautiful Instagram model who travels between luxurious resorts or maybe you would rather be like that messy world traveler whose presence is full of Rock n' Roll attitude and endless stories of places he has been to. The amazing part is that anyone can do that. You just have to get out of your usual spot and that’s it. Board that plane, fly to a new interesting country and experience everything it has to offer.

Eiffel Tower During Sunset

You will get addicted and travel will become a big part of your everyday life.

Another benefit of traveling I want to highlight is crazy! But you will get addicted and there is no way out of it. Put it this way, after you return from an unforgettable trip to see the wonders of the world one would think that it is enough for a while but that’s far from the truth- your curiosity just blossoms and new endeavors towards a new adventures begin .

Friends in a Hostel in Lebanon

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